PHARES is absolutely magnificent.
On behalf of Egypt, I thank you for highlighting our heritage through the subtle refinement of your artwork PHARES. Dialogue between cultures, integration into the environment, collaborative teamwork, innovation and economizing of resources: your artwork is an example for all.


His Excellency, the Ambassador of Egypt in France, 2015



A pyramid on Place de la Concorde


PHARES is a “beacon of headlights” (“phare de phares” in French), located next to the Concorde Obelisk, the oldest monument in Paris, in the plaza where the world’s first public electric lighting test happened in 1843.

This sculpture is a truncated pyramid (97 ft. high) formed by isosceles triangles made of aluminium, each equal in dimension to the pyramidion (the golden cap of the Obelisk). Its gold color intensifies in order to highlight the original symbolism of the Obelisk: the passage from Earth to Sky.

Light but resistant, monumental but energy-efficient, PHARES illustrates the latest possibilities in conservation of energy and resources.

For FIAC, COP 21 and Valentine’s Day 2016, passers-by could transmit their heart rhythms directly into PHARES via a built-in sensor, and see it sparkle as it replicated their heartbeats in real-time.

This artwork has been given a seal of approval by the international jury of the UNESCO “2015 International Year of Light”, “Paris for the Climate” and “COP21 / CMP 11" (Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

Among 13,000 projects from 147 countries, PHARES is the only artwork selected for the delivery of the final report on the International Year of Light at UNESCO Headquarters on October 3, 2016 (Milene is the only French voice). Pictures of this moment here.

In summer 2017, the international travel of PHARES receives the patronage of the French National Commission of UNESCO.







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The Eiffel Tower and the Montparnasse Tower with PHARES


During Valentine’s Day 2016, passers-by on Place de la Concorde could transmit their heart rhythms directly into PHARES via a built-in sensor, and see it sparkle as it replicated their heartbeats in real-time.

Furthermore, the Eiffel tower emitted a special light beam towards PHARES that switched on and off with the rhythm of one’s heartbeat. The Montparnasse Tower did the same with its own lights.

From the companies’ to the tourists’ worlds, all Paris illuminated at the same rhythm thanks to its three “phares”.



Discover the first chapter of the PHARES adventure


Made in France, under the patronage of the CNF of UNESCO, bilingual English-French, containing 96 pages, this book of high quality (quadri + gold, selective varnish on the cover, 9 x 11 in.) describes the genesis and the inscription in history of this sculpture thanks to specially written texts by Jean-Paul Viguier, Alain Niderlinder ... to photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Olivier Thomas ... to reproductions of paintings from the Musée de la Marine, from the RMN-Grand Palais ...  


The PHARES book can be acquired in the traditional way at bookshops and on the web (Amazon,, ...). Its digital release with animations is on Google play, Ibookstore, ...


Extract of the <em>PHARES</em>  book


A new pyramid is born in Paris


Who has not dreamed of discovering a pyramid? Who has ever dreamed of moving a pyramid? Who has ever thought of illuminating a pyramid located thousands of kilometers away to the rhythm of her/his own heartbeat?

PYRAMIDION is the continuity and the complement of PHARES; both travel. The "trip of the pyramid" benefits from the patronage of the French National Commission for UNESCO and the label "2018, European Year of Cultural Heritage."

PYRAMIDION is an interactive sculpture of golden metal & light measuring 3.7 m in height. It is born in Paris on February 9, 2018, into the architecture by Renzo Piano of the Foundation Jérôme Seydoux - Pathé. Then, it stops by in front of the facade signed by Auguste Rodin before being installed in the Egyptian blue heart of the Town Hall of the 13th arr. until May 14, 2018. On March 8, PYRAMIDION lights up at the rhythm of the heartbeat of each "visitor/actress" who touches its cardiac sensor.

On May 16, 2018, PYRAMIDION is installed next to the WALKING MAN by Giacometti at the UNESCO headquarters; this work was chosen to celebrate the first International Day Of Light. On May 19, the mini pyramid pulsates at the rhythm of the public's heartbeat of UNESCO for the European Night of Museums.

On you can see PYRAMIDION, at a distance, illuminate at your own rhythm. You can personalize the short video that comes with it and share it by sms, email or social networks.

As the Obelisks are designed in pairs, a twin work, PYRAMIDION TWIN, is born on June 23, 2018, in London in front of the Trinity House in the framework of The London Festival of Architecture and to celebrate The International Day of Women in Engineering. Each evening of this summer, PYRAMIDION TWIN lights up automatically except on June 23, 29 and September 14 and 22 (for the London Open House Day): you can illuminate this luminous pyramid to your own heartbeat by putting your finger into its connected cardiac sensor.

For the birth of PYRAMIDION TWIN in London, the British soprano Katerina Mina sings into it a capella. Her finger is into its cardiac sensor, so the luminous sculpture lights up live to the rhythm of her heart (movie of the performance here).

On June 27, the second PHARES party occurs with PYRAMIDION on a boat floating on the Seine River in front of Musée d'Orsay, (+ info). This mini pyramid sunbathes and looks at the pyramidion of the Obelisk of Place de la Concorde until the end of the year here.

For the Europe Heritage Days, on September 14, a long-distance interaction between the two PYRAMIDIONS happens: touch the pyramid in London and the one of Paris lights up at your own hearbeat simultaneously.

During NUIT BLANCHE, on October 6, the public can illuminate PYRAMIDION which is floating on the Seine River.

On October 2018, the mini pyramids move in their cities: PYRAMIDION pulsates during several days at Lieu Secret-Paris and PYRAMIDION TWIN at ICE-Westminster.

On December 2019, after having floated during one year and half on the Seine River next to Musée d'Orsay, PYRAMIDION goes to Normandy to rest surrounded of soft countryside.

Supported by UNESCO, other tiny pyramids will be installed around the world and communicate with each other thanks to satellites on 2020 and 2021. To welcome a PYRAMIDION to your country, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anytime, from anywhere, you can keep in touch, send love and light via the PYRAMIDIONS thanks to

Press Release for the PYRAMIDIONS here.


Making of the PYRAMIDON at UNESCO.

Birth of PYRAMIDION TWIN at London.

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caption="PYRAMIDION floating on the Seine River in the perspective of the Obelisk of Place de la Concorde">



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