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PHARES is a monumental artwork made of metal and light. This “beacon of headlights” (“phare de phares” in French), installed 6 months on Place de la Concorde next to the oldest monument in Paris, interacts with the public and is in dialogue with the Obelisk from Luxor, the Montparnasse Tower and ... the Eiffel Tower.

300 men, 5 km of metal, 7 kg of forms ... Discover the incredible adventure of this sculpture blending heritage and innovations.


The PHARES book can be acquired via this platform (to benefit from tax receipts and dedications), in the traditional way at bookshops and on the web (Amazon,, ...). Its digital release with animations is on Google play, Ibookstore, ...


Made in France, under the patronage of the CNF of UNESCO, bilingual English-French, containing a hundred pages, this book of high quality (quadri + gold, selective varnish on the cover, 9 x 11 in.) describes the genesis and the inscription in history of this sculpture thanks to specially written texts by Jean-Paul Viguier, Alain Niderlinder ... to photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Olivier Thomas ... to reproductions of paintings from the Musée de la Marine, from the RMN-Grand Palais ...

Some extracted pages:

Extract from the PHARES book


Extract from the PHARES book


Extract from the PHARES book


Extract from the PHARES book


Extract from the PHARES book





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