SENSITIVE MEMORIES ! at the National Archives of France

This solo show (May 31 - July 8, 2013) played with the historic frame of the Hotel of Soubise. The artworks by Milene are filled with stories and endowed with memories, like this museum, that recall our History. Made of "poetic concrete", they are «archives of sensations and feelings» and are in dialogue with those of the museum. Some of them liven up according to your magnetic field, when you touch them.

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Photo copyrights: Frédéric Fontenoy and Milène Guermont / ADAGP.

Exhibition events schedule:

  • Opening door.
  • "Nomadic festival".
  • "Creative Process": interview with Émilie Bouvard (art historian & critic, inheritance conservator) and Hugo Daniel (art historian).
  • Interlude by the pianist Éric Artz.
  • Round table: discussion hosted by Isabelle de Maison Rouge (art historian and critic) with Jeanne Susplugas, Yann Toma and Damien Valero who will present one of their works linked to the theme of the memory.
  • Jean Lambert-Wild's performance (theatre director).

The presentation of the exhibition is here


Interview by Canal Académie


Short commentary by TV Marais

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