Discover the incredible adventure blending heritage and innovations of PHARES.


 This monumental artwork by Milène Guermont, made of metal and light, is a “beacon of headlights” (“phare de phares” in French) 30 m high and required 300 men, 5 km of metal, 7 kg of forms ...

Born on Place de la Concorde next to the oldest monument in Paris, this monumental sculpture interacts with the public and is in dialogue with the Obelisk from Luxor, the Montparnasse Tower and ... the Eiffel Tower.


Teaser of the PHARES book


The PHARES  book benefits from the patronage of the CNF of UNESCO.

This beautifully crafted work made in France (quadri + gold, selective varnish on the cover, 9 x 11 in.) is bilingual English-French.

Containing a hundred pages, this book of high quality describes the genesis and the inscription in history of this sculpture thanks to specially written texts by ambassador Ehab Badawy, architect Jean-Paul Viguier, historian Alain Niderlinder ...

photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Olivier Thomas ...

reproductions of paintings from the Musée de la Marine, from the RMN-Grand Palais ...



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+ enhanced digital edition

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printed copy

+ enhanced digital edition

+ 3 limited edition photo cards (printed in France on high-quality stock: 14.5 cm x 21 cm)

50€ tax included

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for an exclusive tour of the total artwork!


A golden ticket was slipped into one of the PHARES  books to be purchased on this platform.

It offers an exceptional visit* to MAISON GUERMONT, a total art work in process

in the heart of Paris thanks to the talents of 80 companies and maisons of excellency. 


Good luck to everyone!


Once it will be completed, only 20 visitors per month will have the possibilty to tour the total artwork.



The PHARES book on the jobsite of the total artwork