... in the total artwork by Gio Ponti

Genius Loci

Happy to be exhibited at the unique total artwork by Gio Ponti in France: LA VILLA DE L'ANGE VOLANT at Garches. It will be exceptionally open from October 16 to 24, 2021, for the exhibition Genius Loci by curator Marion Vignal. She selected some artwork-objects from my own total artwork MAISON GUERMONT in process in Paris :-). It will be the first time that my sculptures SOULIERS CLEOPATRA, JUPE 123 SOLEIL, CHEMISIER CANNETILLÉ, BOUTONS DE MANCHETTE NUAGES will be on show. 

You will discover also pieces by Michael Anastassiades, Maloles Antignac, Franklin Azzi, B.B.P.R, Maurizio Donzelli, Sophie Dries, Latifa Echakhch, Jérôme Echenoz, Barnabé Fillion, Piero Fornasetti, Roberto Giulio Rida, Laurent Grasso, Milène Guermont, Camille Henrot, Mathias Kiss, Studio KO, Alicja Kwade, Bas Smets & Eliane Le Roux, Marion Mailaender, Nao Matsunaga, Julian Mayor, Studio Nucleo, Damian O’Sullivan, Ico Parisi, Gio Ponti, Agnès Sébyleau, Jonathan Trayte, Alix Waline. 

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First sketch of the sculptures SOULIERS CREOPATRA

Premier croquis de la sculpture en cuir et or SOULIERS CLEOPATRA


Click on the image above to discover the environnement of... 1 2 3 SOLEIL installed in the total artwork by Gio Ponti