Send love & light thanks to art & tech.


Wherever you are, you can interact with PYRAMIDION and reveal the strength of your feelings by sending them to a loved one thanks to YOU LIGHT ME.


PYRAMIDION is the continuation of the monumental art-architecture PHARES born on Place de la Concorde & which dialogued with the Eiffel Tower.

On www.youlightme.comlight up the small pyramid at your own rhythm and share your feelings with the video of this experience. This digital and tactile artwork is free, accessible to all from phone, computer, tablet and other tools connected to internet.


This performance is part of the London Festival of Architecture that occurs from June 1 to 30, 2020.

YOU LIGHT ME is the continuity of the artworks PHARES and PYRAMIDION.



Luminous card from Katerina Mina (animation here)